Horses Hall of Fame

Winsome Adante

“Dan” is now retired at Plain Dealing Farm with owner, Linda Wachmeister. Kim attributes her success to Dan, “I did my first everything on him — first Badminton, first Burghley Championships, and first Olympics.”

Dan retired at Rolex 2008, after a brilliant career.

Record for most USEA points earned over his career
3rd , 2007 Badminton Horse Trials CCI****
1st, 2007 The Fork CIC*** – World Cup Qualifier
Team 4th Place, 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany
2nd, 2006 The Fork CIC***
1st, 2006 Poplar Place CIC***
Individual Silver & Team Bronze Medals, 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece
Individual 6th place & Team Gold at the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain
2nd, 2003 North Georgia Beaulieu Classic CIC***
1st, 2002 Over the Walls Horse Trials
Winner of the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** in 2002, 2004, and 2005
1st, 2001 Blenheim CCI***
2nd, 2001 Foxhall CCI***
1st, 2000 Radnor CCI**

Tipperary Liadnan

“Paddy” was purchased by Nina Ligon and is currently competing with her at the 3 star level.

Named to the 2010 US team at the World Equestrian Games
4th, 2010 Bromont CCI***
Shortlisted for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
5th, 2008 Rolex CCI****
2nd, 2008, Five Points, Advanced
5th, 2007 Jersey Fresh CCI***
2nd, 2007 The Fork CIC***

Over The Limit

“Jake” is now retired from Eventing and is doing dressage with his new owner.

1st, 2001 Pine Top, Advanced
4th, 2000 Rolex Kentucky CCI****
1st, 2000 North Georgia Beaulieu Classic, Advanced
2nd, 1999 Morven Park, Advanced
1st, 1999 Rolex Kentucky CCI***
2nd, 1999 Blenheim CCI***
2nd, 1998 Millbrook Advanced

Jerry McGerry

“Jeremy” 1990-2007

1st, 2001 Morven Park, Advanced
1st, 2001 Over the Walls, Advanced
1st, 2001 Pine Top, Advanced
4th, 2000 Fair Hill CCI***
1st, 1998 North Georgia Beaulieu Classic, Advanced
1st, 1998 Pine Top, Advanced


“Mac” is retired. After competing with Kim, he went on to the 1* level with his new owner, Olivia Kamensky.

3rd, 2005 Jersey Fresh CCI***
2nd, 2005 Pine Top, Advanced
4th, 2004 Foxhall Cup CCI***

Royal Venture

“Vennie” is retired. After competing with Kim, Vennie went to Young Riders with his new owner, Sarah Kamensky.

4th, 2005 Lumhulen CCI****
5th, 2005 North Georgia Beaulieu Classic CIC***
2nd, 2004 Fair Hill CCI***
1st, 2003 Over the Walls Advanced Championships
9th, 2003 North Georgia Beaulieu Classic CIC***
5th, 2002 Bramham CCI***

Tsunami III

“Sue” is now competing with Sally Cousins.

5th, 2007 Poplar CIC***
10th, 2007 Jersey CCI***
3rd, 2007 Pine Top, Advanced
1st, 2007 Poplar CIC***
2nd, 2006 Poplar CIC**
4th, 2006 Radnor CCI**

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