Horses are the perfect embodiment of freedom, power, and docility. For some enthusiasts or admirers, these animals are among the most graceful or majestic in the world. Although they come from an almost incalculable number of races, note that there are several possibilities to list the most beautiful races on planet Earth. This article proposes about twenty of them whose physical or morphological characteristics will not fail to seduce you.

The Akhal-Teke

Originally from Central Asia, the Akhal-Teke is an ancient breed of saddle horses. Besides its beauty and rarity, it is the perfect representation of a robust, sublime, enduring and sober horse. It is distinguished by its very shiny dress with Golden reflection and its incomparable rapidity. It is part of a very limited race and is the national emblem of Turkmenistan. You will no doubt get lost in the contemplation of her pace and the metallic reflections of her dress under the sun to the point of falling under her charm. As an adult, it measures between 1.5 and 1.6 m and has a lively but fairly balanced temperament. This animal is often used for full equestrian competitions, dressage or endurance.


Also called “the Black Pearl” because of its black robe, this horse has its origin in Friesland, province of the Netherlands. It weighs about 600 to 800 kg for an average size between 1.55 and 1.65 m. morphologically, it is an animal of saddle and draught, quite calm and very elegant. It is also characterized by an incomparable softness and is most often used as a spectacle, as a team or in dressage. For horse lovers, this is the breed to discover absolutely.

The Appaloosa

The scientific name of Appaloosa, Equus ferus caballus, comes from the northwestern United States and is one of the most popular horse breeds in America. The peculiarity of this breed lies in her dress spotted. The Appaloosa comes from the mounts lost by European settlers and traditionally selected by the noses-Perc├ęs Indians around the lawn River. This animal measures between 1.45 and 1.65 m and weighs between 400 and 450 kg. It has a docile, reactive or voluntary character and is used for hiking, leisure, endurance and riding in westerns.


It is a breed from the American Northwest that descended from Spanish domestic horses brought during the conquest of America by the conquistadors and returned to the wild state because of the phenomenon of horse-trading. Its name comes first from the Spanish “mustango” which means “horse lost, wandering or without owner”. This breed has all the colors of horse and is used in all equestrian activities when it is trained. It has very different morphological characteristics from one species to another. With a height of between 1.3 and 1.5 m, the Equus canballus perfectly embodies the symbol of beauty, freedom and power.

The Arab Thoroughbred

It is a descendant of an ancient Arab lineage and has many interesting characters that have made it one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world. As its name easily indicates, it comes from the Middle East, is distinguished by its tail and feet characterized by hard, thin and round hooves. It is an obedient, familiar and intelligent horse that is at the centre of many legends. He is also known to be quite maneuverable and affectionate. He is less tired when he has a back load and measures an average height of between 1.40 and 1.60 at the Withers. For some fans, it is clearly the most beautiful horse in the world, not to mention that it is often used for sports horse crossings.


This animal holds the record for the largest horse in the world. His docility and tallness earned him the nickname ” giant gentleman “. He is a British draught horse from central England. It has long feet, broad hooves and abundant baleen. Used regularly for skidding and horse traction, it has grey, Bay or black colours and is as soft as a lamb. It is one of the most famous breeds of horses and often crossed with Flemish and Dutch hair. Finally, note that it measures about 1.80 m for a weight of 1000 kg.

The Knabstrup

The Knabstrup comes from a breed of horses from Denmark and bears exactly the name of its original town. It measures about 1.55 m at the Withers, but we would like to remind you that it would be difficult to give it very precise dimensions given all the mixtures it has undergone over time. The story tells that this mare was abandoned on Danish soil by one of the officers of the Spanish troop at the time of the Napoleonic Wars. It has a very original spotted dress and unique colors. He’s a saddle horse with a talent for dressage and Recreation. He is distinguished by his calmness, intelligence and maneuverability. It is also a rather elegant animal and very often used for equestrian shows.


It’s the gypsy Cob. It is also known as Tinker in continental Europe, Irish Cob in Ireland and Gypsy Vanner in North America. This breed from the British Isles was originally selected by nomadic communities in Ireland and England from several horse breeds. It is easily distinguished by its long, very abundant horsehair, its cob size, its fairly thick baleen and its pious colour. This majestic horse is often reputed to be powerful, balanced, intelligent, enduring and harmonious. In addition, it is generally used for recreational and show riding. It is the ideal animal for horse-riding, hiking, training and jumping. He does not fail to charm the public with his extraordinary appearance.

The Fjord

It is a breed made up of small horses from Norway and bred in France, Germany, Europe or North America. It belongs to one of the purest breeds in the world and has five different types of dresses namely : Brunblakk, Gra, Ulsblakk, Rodblakk, Gulblakk. It looks like a pony and is generally used for hitchhiking, hiking, vaulting, and Recreation. This horse measures approximately between 1.35 and 1.50 m and is recognized in part thanks to its bicolour Mane very often cut in brush to improve its aesthetics. He’s a quiet, robust, teasing, playful animal. He is active in a number of fields, including hiking, driving and related disciplines.

The Rocky Mountain Horse

It is a very robust American saddle horse breed formed in the Rocky Mountains. It is known for its resistance to freezing temperatures and its rather cold character. This majestic animal intervenes in the western, hiking, leisure and cattle work. It measures between 1.47 and 1.63 m for a body weight of 440 to 500 kg.