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Hope Cove “Henry”

“Henry” is a 2001 16.0 hand Zangersheide owned by Michelle Parker. Henry arrived at KSE in the late summer of 2013. Henry has previously had 3*** experience with Janette Brakewell. Most recently he has been helping to season a young rider at the 1* level in Texas. Kim has spent the Fall of 2013 getting to know this horse at the Training level. This pair moved up successfully to Prelim in 2014.

“Henry’s” Finishes

st Place, Red Hills Int’l HT, Open Prelim, 3/14 (FL)

2nd Place, Sporting Days HT, Open Prelim, 3/14 (SC)

4th Place, Paradise HT, Open Prelim, 2/14 (SC)

2nd Place, Full Gallop HT, Open Training, 2/14 (SC)

3rd place, Surefire HT, Open Training, 6/13 (VA)

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