Cooley Cross Border

Cooley Cross Border “CROSS”

“Cross” is a 2007, 16.1 hand Irish Sport Horse gelding. Owned by the Cross Syndicate. Cross was imported as a green baby from Ireland in July of 2011. He has spent the past six years growing up with Kim. Cross competed very successfully at the Preliminary level for all of 2013, winning his first FEI event, Virginia International CCI*.  Cross made the move up to the Advanced level in 2015.  He has placed third at Fairhill International CCI*** in 2015, First at Morven Park CIC*** and seventh at Fair Hill International CCI*** in 2016.  There are still shares available in the Cross Syndicate!  Please see our “Syndication” page or contact us for more information.

“CROSS’S” Finishes

7th Place, Fair Hill International, CCI***, 10/16 (MD)

1st Place, Morven Park Horse Trials, CIC***, 9/16 (VA)

4th Place, Millbrook Horse Trials, Advanced, 8/16 (NY)

3rd Place, Fair Hill International, CCI***, 10/15 (MD)

1st Place, Five Points Horse Trials, Advanced, 9/15 (NC)

1st Place, Richland Park Horse Trials, Advanced, 8/15 (MI)

1st Place, Loch Moy II HT, Open Intermeditate, 7/14 (MD)

2nd Place, Surefire HT, Open Intermeditate, 6/14 (VA)

3rd Place, 5 Points HT, Open Intermediate 9/14 (NC)

1st Place, MCTA HT, Open Intermeditate, 4/14 (MD)

1st Place, Plantation HT, Open Intermediate, 4/14 (PA)

1st place, The Fork, Open Prelim, 4/14 (NC)

5th Place, Pinetop Spring Advanced, Open Intermediate, 2/14 (GA)

1st Place, Full Gallop HT, Open Prelim, 2/14 (SC)

2nd Place, Paradise Farm HT, Open Prelim, 2/14 (SC)

1st place, Five Points HT, Open Prelim, 9/13 (SC)

3rd place, Plantation Field HT, Open Prelim, 9/13 (PA)

1st Place, Virginia Horse CCI*, 5/13 (VA)

2nd Place, MCTA, Open Prelim 5/13 (MD)

2nd Place, Fair Hill, Open Prelim 4/13 (MD)

1st Place, Southern Pines II, Open Preliminary, (VA) 3/13

3rd Place, Advanced Pinetop HT, Prelim Horse, (SC) 2/13

1st Place, Paradise HT, Open Prelim (SC) 2/13

1st Place, Full Gallop HT, Open Training 2/13 (SC)

1st Place, Morven Park, Area II Training Level Champion, 10/12 (VA)

1st Place, Fair Hill, USEA East Coast Young Event Horse Champion, 5 Year Old Division, 10/12 (MD)

1st Place, Poplar Place HT, Open Training, 9/12 (GA)

2nd Place, Waredaca HT, 5 Year Old YEH series, 8/12 (MD)

1st Place, Fair Hill International HT, Open Training, 5/12 (MD)

1st Place, Fair Hill International HT, Open Training, 4/12 (MD)

1st Place, Sporting Days, Open Novice, 2/12

1st Place, Pine Top Spring Horse Trials, Open Novice, 2/12

2nd Place, Full Gallop Farm Feb Interm HT – Open Novice, 2/12 (SC)

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